Rick Snow is a full time real estate investor based out of Sacramento California  

Rick started investing in real estate during the economic downturn of 2008. Capitalizing on a depressed housing market Rick began purchasing rental properties for $40,000/door near Universities and Hospitals and renting out each room. Supplementing his existing income Rick quickly realized the power and freedom involved in making educated investments in real estate.

An unconscious-competent. Rick knew a theorhetical background in real estate would differentiate him from other investors and began studying complicated real estate deal structures, real estate finance, real estate market trends and real estate exit strategies.

In 2015 Rick developed a partnership with his Mentor (a 20 year veteran real estate investor) and developed several wholesale distribution channels which they used to generate leads.

A full-time real estate Investor. Rick’s unyielding desire to learn, grow and build relationships has made him one of the most popular real estate investors in the Sacramento/Central Valley and Reno Markets.

​Rick still flips houses throughout the California Central Valley and Sacramento Metro region but his passion for Multifamily Investing, Deal Syndication and Asset Management has made him one of the most popular Sponsors in California to work with getting him attention from some of the markets leading Investors and Lenders. Rick is so passionate about giving back to those who have invested in him that he has built the word "Return" into the DNA of his company.  Get more information at www.ClarityReturns.com  

Rick is also a (former) Disney Performing Artist and contract musician with Royal Caribbean. He is a passionate about music education and a strong supporter of the prevention of the extinction of the performing arts in our schools.



Brian T McGlone is a full time real estate investor based out of Sacramento California

Brian has been investing in real estate for over 20 years. Studying under the great Carlton Sheetz Brian experienced investment success during several cyclical trends in real estate in several markets.

A native of Washoe County, Nevada. Brian’s knack for recognizing profitable real estate investment opportunities is uncanny. He is a gifted investor with an extensive catalog of real estate investment deal structures and is passionate about maintaining healthy relationships with his investors, lenders and partners.  

Brian is an avid fisherman and loves spending time on the water with his family.

Our On-site Property Management team maintains a 97% occupancy ratio while our On-site Maintenance team handles all of the day-to-day maintenance issues.