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Jacob Markanson Joins Clarity As Acquisitions Specialist for the East Coast

Jacob comes to us with over 3 years of experience wholesaling single family properties in highly competitive markets.

Jacob will be overseeing the procurement of OFF MARKET Multifamily Investment opportunities and managing Buyer Relations.

“This is a positive step in the right direction” says the current director of acquisitions and President of Clarity Acquisition Properties, Rick Snow. “We did not expect the need for quality OFF MARKET Multifamily Investment opportunities to be this great. I am glad we are finally getting the help we so desperately need”

Clarity is a full-tier multifamily investment company specializing in identifying, controlling and managing multifamily investment properties in emerging markets across the nation.

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Are You a Leader? 5 Skills To Have as a Real Estate Investor!

GeorgeWashingtonLeadership is the most important skill you can have as a Real Estate Investor.  Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Raising Money: Improving your leadership skills will help you raise the money you need to close your deals.  Raising money is what I call an “Alpha Skill”. The “Alpha” is the leader of the pack… Leaders are closers!  If you’re not closing deals, then it’s time to improve your skills as a leader.
  2. Building Teams: If you call yourself a leader and have no followers then you’re just a person on a walk.  Real Estate Investors must have the skills to build and lead a team consisting of lenders, partners, other investors, wholesalers, title agencies, insurance companies, contractors and much more. Hire for Desire! Build a team that shares your character and vision for ethical operations.
  3. Removing Obstacles: When I was a young manager of a Silicon Valley tech company. I had the experience of tripling business in both the Silicon Valley and Peninsula markets. When people asked me how I did it. My response was simple. I removed any obstacles that prevented my team from performing at it’s best.  Remove the obstacles so your team can perform at it’s best!
  4. Taking all the Arrows: The Pathfinder takes all the arrows.  I am a successful leader today because my body is littered with arrows. My experiences: success and failures have made me stronger. Leadership means taking all the arrows, while leading your team through the jungle of success.
  5. Celebrating Victories: Leadership is the most important skill to have as a real estate investor because leadership reminds us to celebrate our victories with those who supported us along the way.  Celebrate your team and give them positive recognition for their efforts.  Narcissistic leaders might find themselves in a perpetual state of building new teams.  Celebrate victories (and defeats) together!

Thank you,

Rick Snow, President: Clarity Acquisition Properties | 916-900-6659 |

Why We Invest In Real Estate, Explained in One Question!

Will banks lend you money to invest in the stock market? No! “Why Not”? Because It’s too risky!

Real Estate is a much better investment. Particularly when you know how to balance debt vs equity.



Clarity Acquisition Properties


Reno Market

Principal Investor at Rick Snow Equities & Trust

CLARITY ACQUISITION PROPERTIES is in the Due Diligence stage of our most recent acquisition of a multifamily asset in the Reno Market.

“This strategic acquisition underscores our belief in the strength and growth potential of the Reno market” said Clarity Acquisitions President, Rick Snow.

The Reno market continues to lead the market in occupancy ratios, according to a study published by the independent real estate appraisal and consulting firm Johnson, Perkins and Griffin.

We are excited to announce the acquisition of this asset and for the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people who; without them, this project would not be possible.


Sacramento, California

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Are You Worthy? 10 Tips for Overcoming Self-Doubt!

Here are 10 ways I over come self-doubt. But before we get into them, let’s analyze what “self-doubt” really is.

We all know our limitations. I know exactly how many slices of pizza I can eat, how many miles I can run before I require emergency rescue (not that many by-the-way), how many pull-ups I can do and how smart I truly am.  We all know these things about ourselves because we have lived inside our bodies long enough to discover, analyze and compartmentalize them.  Knowing what you are capable of is quintessential in…well, predicting what you are (also) capable of; however, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Just because you have not done something in the past does not mean you are incapable of doing it in the future!

All of your dreams, prayers, hopes, aspirations and wishes are all on their way. The only thing standing in the way, is you!

Here are a few things I use to get my mind right when fear, doubt, criticism and pessimism start to creep in to my psyche.

1) FOCUS! – Write your goals down and focus on accomplishing 1 at a time.  A great book for this is “the ONE thing by Gary Keller”

2) HAVE FAITH! – If you didn’t have a purpose in life then you wouldn’t exist.  Have faith that good things are coming. A Good book for this is “the Bible by Jesus”

3) NETWORK! – My Grandmother used to say “It takes a village to raise a child”. The same is true for your business.  Stay connected with those in your industry. Isolation may appear safe, but it will threaten your ability to grow.

4) PROTECT YOUR MIND! – What are you allowing into your mind? The news, social media, most TV shows and even certain music can fill your mind with garbage and self doubt.  Fill your mind with the kind of influences that will help you accomplish your goals.  I read real estate books (right now I’m reading “The Foundation of a Successful Investment” by Brandon Turner). I also listen to real estate investment podcasts and attend webinars.  When I am doubting my ability to grow to the next level, I surround myself with the right influences.

5)  VISUALIZE! – Visualization is key to experiencing a level of success you have never experienced before.  You must imagine yourself, there! Put yourself in “the seat”. What are you wearing? What decisions do you have to make that day? Who are you meeting with?  Visualizing will help you discover pertinent details you may have missed when you were simply writing your goals down.  Visualization and meditating go hand-in-hand.  Imagine yourself already “there” and you will eventually get yourself, there!

6) BE PATIENT! – The world doesn’t work on a linear timeline.  It works on a cosmic timeline.  Many things have to happen in order for your situation to line up.  Be patient with the cosmic timeline.  The worst thing you can do when patience runs thin is, give up.

7) DIET AND EXERCISE! – This may seem obvious, but when you are healthy you will perform better.  There is a direct link between physical and mental aptitude and attitude. Exercising will also help relieve anxiety.

8) BE CONSISTENT! – Success lives downstream from work ethic. Work ethic lives downstream from consistency.  You must develop and maintain healthy habits in order to officially become the person capable of enjoying the rewards of success.  People like doing business with consistent people.  Consistency will (not only) help you overcome self-doubt, it will also remind you of who you need to be in order to accomplish the goals you have for yourself.

9) APPRECIATE OTHERS! –  When is the last time you called a friend/family member and sincerely congratulated them on whatever they were working on? Complimenting others when you’re feeling self-doubt won’t kill you. In fact, being honest with someone you trust could be the key to getting you “unstuck”.  “Bob. I was having a tough day, but seeing how well you are doing has really inspired me” will not only make Bob feel great, but Bob will most likely call and lift you up one day.

10) APPRECIATE YOURSELF! – Most successful people have the hardest time appreciating where they have been and who they currently are.  Most of them live in the future. You must learn to say “I’ve done well”, “I am doing well” and “I will do well”.  These gentle reminders will allow yourself to be your own best friend again.  Plus, you will never be able to appreciate what’s coming, if you don’t appreciate what’s present.

These are 10 tips I use to stay successful in the midst of self-doubt.  Remember, success is no the absence of disappointment.  Success is achieving your goals, in the presence of disappointment.  Don’t let your limiting beliefs or self-doubt derail your success.  Keep hustling! Stay busy and remember.

“You get out what you put in. Stay busy” – Rick Snow


Rick Snow

Commercial Real Estate Investor / Rehabber

Sacramento, CA

Looking For A Job? Here’s a list of the most exciting job markets according to

Top 50 Job Markets by Opportunity

Principal Investor at Rick Snow Equities & Trust

Indeed. One of the worlds largest employment aggregator and application submission websites has released it’s most current data on the top 50 US Job markets (listed by opportunity versus unemployment)

Top 50 Job Markets

San Jose continues to outperform most major job markets in the sheer number of employment opportunities en ratio to the number of people who are currently unemployed. What this means for you is. Companies are hiring and they are looking for talent!

I lived in the Silicon Valley for nearly 10 years before relocating to the central valley then eventually to Sacramento. The one thing you will notice about the San Jose job market is that the talent pool is deep. There are a lot of opportunities but you will be applying next to some of the nations best minds.  This should encourage you. I never want to be the smartest person in the room and neither should you. If you are looking for opportunities, perhaps you should consider San Jose.

As a person who syndicates apartment deals. One of the best parts of my job is job market speculation.  I love researching migration patterns, company profiles and forecasting where the jobs will go.  Why? Because people are most likely to buy or rent where their jobs take them.

Where do YOU see jobs going? What are your favorite markets? Let us know by commenting below.



Rick Snow

Commercial Real Estate Investor / Rehabber

Sacramento, CA

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Clarity Acquisition Properties is in “Best & Final” Stage of their $10M Multifamily Acquisition in the Reno Market ***

Principal Investor at Rick Snow Equities & Trust

This deal represents several months of research, due diligence and fund raising performed by the Clarity Acquisition Properties Staff.  “This is an intelligent investment that will yield a double digit rate of return for our investors”. says Rick Snow, Managing Partner and Director of Investment Operations at Clarity.

Clarity Acquisition Properties is an emerging sponsor in the Sacramento Metro and Reno Markets. It’s focus is to identify, control and manage income producing assets that yield consistent returns for its investors.


Rick Snow

Commercial Real Estate Investor / Rehabber

Sacramento, CA

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Is Sacramento a Good Market for Multifamily Investments?


Principal Investor at Rick Snow Equities & Trust

Historically, I’d say no, but Amazons new fulfillment facility might change things.  Lately, large company announcements have been followed by lackluster employment numbers.  For example. Ubers announcement to move to Arizona came with (Not 1,000 jobs) but, 48.  Those numbers do not exactly inspire me to go out and buy a 400 unit apartment complex.

Amazons announcement of a new facility being built in my backyard, does make me happy.  Having a $B company move into your backyard is good for business and Amazon is bringing some weight with them in the form of 1,000 jobs.

So, I ask again. Is Sacramento a good market for multifamily investments? If Amazon comes through on their plans then my vote will quickly lean to “yes”. Let’s see how it goes.

Amazon Selects Sacramento


Rick Snow

Commercial Real Estate Investor / Rehabber

Sacramento, CA